Features of an Authentic Turkish Towel

Turkish Towel Features

For Turkey, which is a country famous for its hot springs and baths, we can say that towel is a velvet-touched gift offered to the world. Hand towels, bath towels, and head towels, as well as tasseled or embroidered towels, which are used daily as gifts on special occasions at weddings, engagements, and invitations, are now preferred all over the world. Hence, many people ask the question what makes Turkish towels superior?

Advantages of Turkish TowelsTowels designed and woven in factories are sold in the towel market in Bursa, where only towels and toiletries are sold, in the Grand Bazaar, and in inns. In Turkey, where modern towel weaving facilities were put into practice with the Towel Cooperative founded in 1941, today it has an important place in towel production in the world.

The fact that the Turkish towel is so popular is closely related to its unique features. We can explain these features as follows:

• Turkish towels are produced with natural processes.

• Towels produced in different segments are antibacterial and sterile.

• The absorbent capacity of Turkish towels is extremely high.

• It has a fast-drying feature.

• One of the most admired features when it comes to Turkish towels is that it has a fluffy and soft form.

• Anti-microbials are used against mold, fungi, and viruses during the production of Turkish towels.

• Turkish towels are obtained from the best organic kinds of cotton of the world.

• Antibacterial finishing is applied to the fabric of the towel with a special machine. This is fixed with the RAM machine.

• After the microorganisms on the towel are cleaned, they are offered for sale. The towel exposed to heat, pressure and ethylene oxide gas is completely sterilized.

• Antibacterial properties of Turkish towels are preserved for many years.

Advantages of Turkish Towels

Bringing the towel usage experience to the next level, all types and sizes of Turkish towels bring many advantages. These include:

• Prevents bad odors.

• Prevents staining.

• Prevents viruses, fungi, and molds from multiplying and adhering to the human body.

• It keeps the immune system strong by preventing infection.

• It supports consumer health in the best way with its anti-allergic and anti-carcinogenic structure.

• It makes it possible to use less water and less energy. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that Turkish towel is nature friendly.

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