History of Turkish Towels

Turkish Towel, which is among the values ​​of Turkey, is a gift of this beautiful and historical city to the world. Bursa, which stands out with its history, natural beauty and culture, is also the towel weaving and production center of Turkey. So, what are the features of the Turkish towel? Let’s discover the wonders of Turkish towel together.

History of Turkish TowelsTowel emerged in Turkey in the 18th century as a by-product of velvet weaving. At that time, it was produced on handlooms about five to ten pieces a day. This example of entrepreneurship, which has not been defeated by time, was developed rapidly with technology. Thanks to this, Turkish towels have become popular all over the world.

Bursa, the city where the towel was born, has been the center of towel manufacturing and silk trade since the first silk cocoons were brought here by the Silk Road caravans. The history of towels in Bursa dates back to the times of the Ottoman Empire about 300 years ago. Bursa towels are very diverse according to their usage areas.

It is known that this tradition spread all over the world when an English king who visited the Ottoman palace in the 18th century took the towel he saw and liked in this city to his country. All kinds of Turkish towels are now known and used around the world.

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