How did Turkish Towels and Turkish Bathrobes enter the USA Market?

Over 1000+ production facilities in Turkey have gained an important place in the world market with their fast-drying, water-absorbing towels that contain fiber and silk as well as cotton.

Towels and bathrobes are the trademark of Turkey, especially Denizli and Bursa, all over the world. Towels and bathrobes, which are now known as ‘Turkish’ all over the world, are the biggest item in Turkey’s home textile exports not only in Europe but also in the USA. Currently exporting to more than 160 countries, manufacturers are gradually increasing their weight in the US market. Hence, Turkish towels have risen in sales in a big way across the world.

Turkish towels are gaining in popularity.

In recent years, Turkish manufacturers, which have taken the wind in the US market, have started to create a strong brand perception, especially in towels and bathrobes. It is not a surprise to encounter Turkish towels in the most famous streets, hotels and restaurants of the USA. Users who have started to trust the ‘Made in Turkey’ label abroad now encounter the ‘Made in Denizli’ label on towels and bathrobes. Turkish manufacturers, who have focused on branding for the last five years with the Turkish Towels brand under the umbrella of Denizli Exporters’ Association (DENİB), state that Turkey will be the first country that comes to mind when “towel” and “bathrobe” are mentioned with this brand created.

As of 1986, with the export move of the late President Turgut Özal, as a result of the incentives and correct guidance given in towel and bathrobe items, exports from Denizli to the US market started.
Osman Nuri Kes, Vice Chairman of Denizli Textile and Clothing Manufacturers’ Association (DETGİS), states that after the perception of Turkish cotton and the feasibility of products with the desired quality, the target prices were met, and the US market grew to dominate 40 percent of the Denizli market until the mortgage crisis. .
“This perception is based on the famous US Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Nautica, William Sonoma, J.C. It was reinforced by the fact that brands such as Penney made their production in Denizli and wrote ‘Made in Turkey’ on their labels. The fact that big brands prefer Denizli and continue to do so for a long time has been our success as Denizli as well as the individual success of the companies. Because American companies knew that even if there was a price or quality problem in company A in Denizli, the desired price and quality could be achieved in company B,” said Kes, adding that this situation made them a center of attraction.

In 2016, towel exports from Denizli, Turkey to the USA increased by 15 percent and reached 72 million dollars. For the first time, the USA became the new owner of the summit, leaving behind Germany, which has been leading for many years in this field. In the eight-month period of 2017, towel exports to the USA increased by 22 percent and exceeded 55 million dollars.

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